Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Travel: Three-Day Costa Atlantica Cruise

We went on a three-night Costa Atlantica cruise in June with our extended family from Singapore with two stops at Malacca and Penang, Malaysia. It's the first family trip with my grandma after her husband passed away last year and we were happy that she finally wanted to come along. The cruise ship has a lovely classic interior with many facilities including swimming pools, casino, shops, restaurants and they hold performances each night such as cabarets, musical performances, dance classes, and magic shows. The staff were friendly and very helpful. I was pleasantly surprised that they cleaned our room twice a day. It was nice to come to a clean room after a hot day touring the city and once again after dinner. Cruise tickets include all-day buffet (which was just average in my opinion), but if you book the suites, you get to eat at the restaurants, where the food was much better. Here are some of the highlights of the tour in pictures.

The cruise ship.
View of Marina, Singapore,
from our cruise ship before we depart.
The water slide at the top deck.
View of the swimming pools at the top deck.
The atrium.
View of the atrium from the top floor.

One of the fine dining restaurants on the top deck.
Beautiful sunrise.
And one of the best sunset I've seen.
Just before the sky gets dark.
Isn't God the ultimate Painter?
Til' next time.


  1. The beauty of the deck pools are beyond compare! I've always known Costa Atlantica's pools are awesome but I never expected it to be this great. I will have to follow your advise should I decide to avail a cruise package soon. I'll go for the suites for the restaurants. :)

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