Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Travel: Malacca and Penang, Malaysia

View of our cruise ship in the distance from
the top of St. Paul's Church, Malacca.

We docked at Malacca on the second day and Penang on the third day of our Costa Atlantica cruise and spent half a day touring the city. Here is what we did in both places.


St. Paul's Church. This historical place is a must-visit if you are in Malacca. 

St. John's Fort

Chicken Rice Balls. We had lunch at one of the chicken rice restaurants recommended by our taxi driver. The chicken rice tastes similar to what we have in Singapore but the way they shape the rice into little balls was interesting. It was a good lunch.

Dutch Square. We stopped here to take pictures at the Christ Church Melaka and the Clock Tower. They also sell souvenirs there.

Coconuts and Durians. Then we made one last stop to try coconut shakes, also recommended by our taxi driver, and I must say it was very good. We also drank coconut juice and ate durians, the "king of fruits." If you haven't tried durians in your life, it is a tropical fruit with a spiky skin and a very pungent smell. People say you either love it or hate it. I love it but I only eat it during special occasions because it is considered a "heaty" fruit and too much of it is not good for our health. And do you also know that you can get drunk from eating too much durians?


- Clock Tower. Our cruise ship docked at the Penang port which was close to the Clock Tower in Georgetown. 

- Lunch at Gurney Drive. We had lunch at one of the bakuteh places on Gurney Drive and we loved it. Their version of bakuteh has more of the herbal taste than the peppery ones we have in Singapore. We also tried prawn mee (noodle), char kwei tiao, liang teh (tea), and more durians. 

 So that was it for our short Malacca and Penang adventures. 

At Penang Port before we entered the ship back to Singapore.

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