Monday, September 8, 2014

Travel: 12 Days in Taiwan with Kids-Friendly Places (Taipei, Yi Lan, Hualien, Sun Moon Lake, Cing Jing, Tai Chung, Puli)

Before we had a kid, we would go to Taiwan to shop and eat. Now with one in tow, we found there are so many kids-friendly places that we can explore (and that adults will also enjoy). It was a truly enjoyable trip for all!

Day 1 - Taipei. We spent very little time in Taipei because we've explored Taipei a few years back and this time we just walked around Xi Men Ding to try the local street food. We stayed at Muzik Hotel, which was walking distance to Xi Men Ding. 

We also checked out this cool Red House Theater that has been transformed to locally-made crafts shops. They sell everything from t-shirts to jewelries, accessories, potteries, soaps, etc. It's just across the street from Xi Men Ding. Must see!

And had dinner at the famous Yong Kang beef noodle on Yong Kang Street. It was yummy!

Day 2 - Jiao Xi. We took the train to Jiao Xi (Jiao Xi Station), the hot spring town. We stayed at Resort One Hotel, which included a free entry to the hot spring pools, complete with kids' and adult's slides. My two year old totally loved being in the warm pools and didn't want to get out!

At breakfast, we got to try this dish (looks like a form of aloe vera) that you eat with a drizzle of honey. Interesting and feels healthy.

Day 3-5 - Hua Lien. We took the train down to Hua Lien. The main attraction here is Taroko National Park, but there are many parts of Hualien that we can explore. We only had 2 full days so we had to choose what we wanted to do and decided to explore Rui Shui area the second day. We hired a private car and driver to drive us around. You can usually book one from your hotel. We stayed at Fantasy Apartment, which was walking distance from Hua Lien Station.

Taroko National Park

Ruishui Pasture: Feed the cows, taste fresh milk, ice cream, and custard!

Tropic of Cancer Marker: "the position in the Northern Hemisphere farthest from the Equator where the sun rays can shine directly down on the Earth."

And lastly, our driver brought us to this mountain area (sorry, I really don't remember the name)

Li Yu Lake: Relaxing Boat Ride

Day 6: Sun Moon Lake. We hired a driver to drive us from Hua Lien to Sun Moon Lake as there is no train available going East-West. It was a long winding road through the mountains but beautiful view all the way. We purchased tickets from our hotel receptionists that allowed us to hop on and off the ferry to the different parts of Sun Moon Lake and also included tickets to the theme park and cable car rides.

Day 7-8: Cing Jing, Nantou. We went here mainly to visit Green Green Grassland. We stayed at Dragon Manor Hotel and took the taxi around town. 

Small Swiss Garden

Day 9-10: Tai Chung. We visited the Rainbow Village, Lavender Farm, Mushroom Farm, and Carton King. We also engaged a private driver to make the most of our stay there. All these places are very worth visiting.

Lavender Farm. Such a pretty farm! You can buy all kinds of lavender products here (soaps, lotions, candies, dried lavenders, ice cream, etc.).

Mushroom Garden. It's a small enclosed farm full of growing mushrooms. You can buy fresh or dried mushrooms there. They also sell cooked mushroom dishes. Try their mushroom ice cream if you are feeling adventurous. ;)

Carton King Creativity Park. Super fun place to go for someone who likes to create things. Everything here is made from cartons. 

Day 11: Puli. We explored Puli area and loved all the places we visited.

King Garden: They sell all kinds of Taiwanese snacks and souvenirs.

Puli Paper Factory. So so cute! They have workshops where you can make your own paper crafts.

Guangxing Paper Mill Factory. One of my most favorite places that I visited. It's a factory where we could learn how to make paper mache from scratch and we made one too! Of course my daughter had a blast!

We had so much fun in Taiwan. It was relaxing and educational for my daughter as well!

Have you been to Taiwan? What are your favorite places to go with children?


  1. Hi :) may i know how much you paid then for the ride to sunmoon from hualien? Am considering that route or to travel southward from hualien instead. Hope you can share that info :)

    Also, which month was your trip done and was sunmoon lake worth the visit? Heard that in order to get gd views, one must stay at the pricier hotels.

    Thank you :)

  2. Oops sending another through as i forget to check the notify me box :)