Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tips On How to Prevent Kids From Excess Sugar and Overeating

Dr. Lustig from UC San Francisco shares four practical tips on how to prevent our children from excess sugar and overeating:

1. Get rid of sugar beverage in the house, including fruit juice. You will not be tempted to drink sugary drinks and it saves you money. Drink your water and eat fresh fruits instead.

2. Eat your food with fiber. We learned here that fiber is important to keep to insulin response down and to prevent you from feeling sugar-low, a feeling when you will feel the need to eat some more and thus gain weight.

3. Wait twenty minutes for second portion. If you ever wonder why you still feel hungry even though you just ate a full plate of food, it's because the hunger hormone in our stomach that tells your brain you're hungry does not reduce satiety. It takes time to feel satieted because it comes at the end of the intestine after food has gone through twenty feet of intestines.

4. Buy screen time (TV, Facebook, video game) with activity. If you exercise for x hour, you can do your screen time for x hour.

Any other ideas that you can add to the list?

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