Saturday, October 5, 2013

Travel: CacaoRich Chocolate Factory Tour (and some chocolate history)

Chocolates... yumm...

We purchased a Groupon deal to Desaru Farm tour that included a visit to this small chocolate factory - CacaoRich

They gave a short introduction to how the cacao beans are processed into chocolates.

The fruit (on top) is made into beans and shells (first two on the left), and then further processed into cocoa massa (3rd from the right) and cocoa butter (rightmost). Dark and milk chocolate is made from cocoa massa, while white chocolate is made from cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is also used for skincare.

Their two specialties: tomato chocolates and sesame chocolates. I must say the tomato chocolates are quite good. What an interesting combination.

Although there are some health benefits of eating chocolates, most chocolates we see today are unfortunately full of refined sugar. So please eat them moderately.

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