Monday, October 14, 2013

Elin's First Birthday Cake

I wanted to make something unique and special for Elin's first birthday cake. Then I remembered seeing a rotating cake online and I knew I had to make one. So with the help of my sister, Kathy, we bought some fondants, food colorings, a rotating system, and we make this lovely rotating hot air balloon four-tiered cake.

Making the pink fondant flowers.

Put them on the white fondant background.
Halfway done.
Making "Happy Birthday Elin" Alphabets.

The yellow ladybug.
The turtle.
The sheep.
Working on the rotating system
for the top of the cake.
Making the hot air balloons with the
moral support of my little Elin down below.
And it's done!
Elin loved the rotating hot air balloons!

You can see this video on how the cake rotates.