Saturday, October 12, 2013

Recipe: Soaked Breakfast Oatmeal

My family loves oatmeal for breakfast. But I used to buy instant oatmeal before I knew the importance of eating whole foods and soaking grains. Instant oatmeal is convenient but it is nowhere as nutritious as using whole oats and cooking it from scratch. They are highly processed and many of them contain too much refined sugar that I would rather avoid. Now that I know better, we've been eating soaked steel-cut oats for breakfast everyday. Not only it cooks up faster, it reduces the anti-nutrients in the oats, and making it more digestible for our body. I like to sweeten it with fruits or raisins and natural sweeteners when it needs a little bit more sweetness.


To soak the oats, I use:

Steel-cut oats
Apple cidar vinegar
Rye flakes

And I add the following to my oats:

Fresh fruits: Bananas, apples, peaches, etc., cut small
Cinnamon powder
A bit of pastured butter


1. Soak your oats 12-36 hours prior (I always have oats that are being soaked on my kitchen counter every day). Drain your oats and rinse it under running water to get rid of the sourness from the apple cider vinegar.

2. In a pot under medium heat, put the oats, fruits of your choice, raisins, butter, and a few dashes of cinnamon. Cook until oatmeal is soft. Serve warm. 

Bon app├ętit!

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