Monday, May 6, 2013

Simple Steps to Greener Living

In our busy society where there is so much to do and so little time, convenience is key. We buy food to go, stock up on frozen food, use disposable items to minimize cleaning and washing - all of which comes with a lot of packaging. I used to wipe everything in my house using paper towels and use disposable liners that you attach to the handle to mop the floor. I run out of them very fast and I didn't realize the amount of waste I created.

Simple steps towards a greener living:

1. Use washable cloths to wipe tables and kitchen counters instead of paper towels (even though I did not like having a wet cloth on my kitchen counter all the time, but I get used to it now). 

2. Mop the floor with washable moppers.

3. Line dry our clothes (when the sun is out) instead of using the dryer.

4. I put on cloth diapers on Elin as much as I can when we're at home instead of disposable diapers.

5. Use natural cleaners to reduce toxic chemical waste into the environment.

6. Bring my own water bottles when I go out and about so that I don't need to buy bottled water or drinks.

7. Cook and eat at home. Cooking from scratch and eating at home minimizes the use of paper or plastic plates, cups, and utensils.

8. Buy eBooks.


  1. To add to your paper towel item, we also switched to cloth napkins. They can easily be thrown in with a load of laundry and now we've found that we really prefer them to paper napkins or paper towels.