Monday, May 13, 2013

Recipe: Pasta with Tomato and Basil

This is a classic pasta dish in tomato sauce. Fresh basil leaves make the dish fragrant. One of our favorites!


Whole wheat pasta (this is my favorite brand)
Pastured ground beef
Organic tomato pasta sauce or make your own
Fresh basil leaves
Parmesan cheese (remember this is a natural MSG? Yum!)
Garlic, chopped
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper


1. Boil pasta with a bit of salt and oil until al dente.
2. Heat up extra virgin olive oil, add in garlic until it's fragrant. Add ground beef, salt and pepper, and sautée until it's cooked.
3. Pour tomato sauce into the pan and let it cook until it starts to simmer. Add basil leaves in the end. Cook for a few minutes.
4. You can add in the pasmesan cheese into the pasta sauce or sprinkle on your plate before eating.

Bon appétit!

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