Saturday, March 28, 2015

Effects of Positive Ions and Negative Ions on Human Health

What are ions?

Ions are electrically charged particles that are present in the air around us. They are created when energy is transferred into the air through UV rays from the sun, friction between blowing sand, dust, wind, or rain, radioactive elements in the soil, lightning and storms, evaporating water, waterfalls, and ocean surf. Ions affects our body's capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen. Our body's cells naturally contain a negative charge. They enter the body through inhalation. Breathing negative ions in significant concentration improves our mood, energy, and overall health, while too much exposure to positive ions will make us depressed, distressed, and our bodies to be overloaded with toxins. Like a magnet, opposites attract, and our body pulls these positive ions towards ourselves, causing harm. Crime and suicide rates are higher, the elderly experience respiratory problems, and children grow irritable when exposed to too much positive ions.

Where are positive ions found?

- Pollutants such as dust, pollen, bacteria, heavy metals, and toxins carry a positive charge. 
- Free radicals. Smoking, overexposure to radiation, the use of randic or unstable fats to cook, such as vegetable oils, can form harmful free radicals. Free radicals are the cause of so many diseases and they carry a positive charge.
- Electronic gagdets, electronics, and home appliances all emit positive ions. It's a good idea to keep these items away from your bedroom, as an example.
- Synthetic fabrics/fibers (e.g. in carpet, clothing, and furniture) attract positive ions. 
- Fumes and smoke from car, factory exhaust, and even cigarette smoke.
- Air-conditioned buildings, trains and planes. All the metals, filters, and air-con systems deplete negative ions and thus these areas become supercharged with positive ions.

Generally the more populated a city is, the fewer negative ions and the more positive ions.

How to Get Exposure to Negative Ions Naturally?

- Ventilate. A good start to expose yourself to negative ions daily is by opening up the windows and use less air-con. If you drive, lower the car windows. Fresh air contains negative ions.
- Spend time in nature. Spend time in the garden and surround yourself with trees, go camping, hiking, get close to waterfalls, spend time by the ocean and play in the water. Plant life, fresh air, ocean surf and the crashing pure water from the waterfalls are charged with negative ions. 

- Walk barefoot in the sand and on the grass. The earth is charged with negative ions and our feet are conductors to absorb negative ions.

- Have a relaxing walk after the rainThe air before a thunderstorm carries a very large concentration of positive ions and the storm then releases a large concentration of negative ions afterwards. That is why we feel "heavy" before rain comes and calm after rain stops. It's the surge of negative ions we are breathing in and we feel good.

Additionally, you can increase your exposure to negative ions and decrease the positive ones in your life by choosing natural or organic materials/products such as clothings, bed sheets, towels that are made with natural fabrics, use organic bodycare products (soaps, creams, etc.) and cleaning products (laundry detergents, dishwasher soaps, etc.). Avoid synthetic materials such as commercial furniture polish and other cleaning agents paints, and furnishings.

If you live in a crowded city and find yourself hard to get exposed to nature, try getting exposed to the right kinds of technologies that produce negative ions. You can use himalayan rock salt lamps or an ion generator/purifier, wear negative ion clothing, place fresh potted plants around your living spaces (plants absorb positive ions, replenishing the healthy negative ion balance), or install a portable water fountains.

Our body will not function optimally without negative ions. Negative ions improve health, treat illness, accelerate healing, and reduce stress. I have also read that nursing moms find themselves with more higher quality milk for their babies when exposed to a lot of negative ions. 

Although topic is very new to me and I had no idea what positive or negative ion was prior to this, I know that I find myself very happy, rejuvenated, and more relaxed whenever I get a chance to hike in the forest, walk by the beach, or just resting by a waterfall. It's good for our health and well-being to feel this way whether we think it's just a coincidence of being away from the busyness of life or if it's really the negative ions playing a part. Either way, I may just start to go to the beach more often and walk barefoot in the sand. At the very least, I get to breathe some fresh air, spend time with my children, play, and get vitamin D from the sun. :)

What are your experiences wiith negative ions? Have you tried negative ion clothing?


  1. Actually, if you are at the beach, the best is to walk barefoot on the wet beach sand. It's where your body will be able to best receive the negative ions. Or even better, to swim in the sea if it is not too polluted =)

  2. Anyone have any experience buy negative ion generators here in Singapore? any good ones to recommend? the himalayan one from amazon quoted in the article looks good, but im not sure about the shipping costs. if i can get a good one here in singapore, all the better....

  3. Wear negative ions clothings to absorb the goodness of negative ions 24/7!