Tuesday, March 24, 2015

[15% SALE] Open Purchase Order for Green Pasture Cod Liver Oil in Singapore (Deadline: 31 March 2015)

The health benefits of taking properly fermented cod liver oil (FCLO) is astounding. Its abundance in naturally-ocurring omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and D are vital for our brain, nervous system, immunity, and optimal functioning of our bodies. It's especially important for growing children, pregnant and nursing mothers.

You can learn about the differences in our in-depth study on cod liver oil here. You can see the different types of FCLO here

I'm opening a purchase order for Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO. If you are interested in getting some, please fill out the purchase form here and send it back to me by next Tuesday, 31 March 2015. All orders received before 31 March will receive 15% discount. Prices shown are before discount. The stock will only arrive early May. 

Regular FCLO (unflavored or oslo orange), 237ml, $85

FCLO/Butteroil Blend (unflavored, chocolate, cinnamon), 240ml, $95

FCLO/Butteroil Blend (capsules), 120 capsules, $90

Emulsified FCLO, 237 ml, $85

NEW ITEM: BLUE ICE™ Infused Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (caramel, carob banana, cinnamon, unflavored), 406ml, $85
I'm adding a new item that combines FCLO with butter oil, skate oil, and coconut oil. (Research shows that consuming FCLO with saturated fats such as butteroil or coconut oil gives the best result!)

Although the cost of FCLO may seem high at first sight, it is actually not so if you understand what you are getting. You can read my post on cost and other considerations about getting Green Pasture FCLO here.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!


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