Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lessons from the Desert: Use the Talents God Gives Us

This month at Pasture Living, I'm sharing what I learned during my Israel trip and why I think this series is very relevant to healthy living. I believe being physically healthy is important, but being mentally, psychologically, and spiritually healthy is also extremely important for a fulfilling and joyful life. If you missed any of this series, click here.

Advent Day 4

Use the Talents God Gives Us

Passage Reading: 1 Samuel 17

On the story of David and Goliath, David fought Goliath not with swords, but with God, and he did with what he knew best - with a sling and a stone. He didn't fear Goliath because he knew God was bigger than his fear. Each of us is created differently and we're given unique talents that we can use for His purposes. Learning to be content and making use of our talents and what we have, rather than wanting to be someone else or other's talents/belongings, will bring us joy and contentment in life.

Living healthily doesn't guarantee us an extra day in life. We try our best to be good stewards of our body with all the means we have, because it glorifies God, but if we can't, it's okay. God is bigger than all this.

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