Friday, December 6, 2013

Lessons from the Desert: Shepherding

This month at Pasture Living, I'm sharing what I learned during my Israel trip and why I think this series is very relevant to healthy living. I believe being physically healthy is important, but being mentally, psychologically, and spiritually healthy is also extremely important for a fulfilling and joyful life. If you missed any of this series, click here.

Advent Day 6


Passage Reading: Psalm 23

We saw herds of sheep and goats while hiking in the desert, with their shepherds guiding their ways. There was no pasture or streams of water when I saw them but the shepherds know where they could get pasture and water and will make sure that their flocks will not go hungry or thirsty. And so as it is with our Father in heaven. He will lead us to green pasture and give us living water. As we were hiking in the hot desert, we would stop at certain sites where our Pastor would share God’s Word. She would always look for shades where we could all take shelter from the hot sun and find some rocks to sit while she would stand in front under the baking sun and share God’s Word. She always gave us the better part. She always carried extra water in case any of us ran out. That is what a shepherd is like. Giving the best to her "flocks" and making sure we were all doing fine. Imagine after a long, hot hike and at the end of the hike, your shepherd leads you to this:

When I was pregnant, I already prayed that my child would be a blessing to the world. When I was a mother, I experienced firsthand what shepherding is like. I want to give my baby the best in everything naturally, without any reservation or anyone forcing me to do so. That is what a shepherd do. It's by nature shepherds want to give us the best in everything. That is our God. 

May we all be shepherds to all God puts in our care.

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