Saturday, October 18, 2014

DIY Dried Lavender Potpourri Pouches

I have been sewing a lot lately from quilts to kitchen appliances covers and my last project was making potpourri pouches for party favors. I made small pouches, filled it with dried lavender, sewed them together, put some ribbons, and there I have very cute, pretty, naturally scented homemade potpourri pouches. My daughter loves to take a pouch, which she calls her little pillow, to go to sleep. It makes a lovely natural air freshener too. This will be for the birthday party favors of a friend's two year old daughter. I hope the little ones will love getting them as much as my daughter does! This will work as homemade gifts for the upcoming Christmas or any wedding or bridal/baby shower parties as well. :)

Lavender has a healing and calming effect which helps us to relax and go to sleep. The use of lavender essential oil is endless. It has powerful healing powers from treating rashes, soothing eczema, relieve muscle aches, and more.