Saturday, July 12, 2014

CocoNurture Organic Coconut Oil Reviews and A Giveaway!

I have been consuming coconut oil for about two years now and I've witnessed health improvements by making coconut oil a regular part of my diet. I recently found out about CocoNurture, a company based in Singapore that sells coconut oil. I was excited when they sent me some of their products to try because I know coconut oil is sooooo good for our health as well as for our skin.

They have two kinds of organic coconut oil: Ultra Light and Premium Culinary Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO). They are both cold-pressed and organic but they use different methods of extraction, thus yielding a slightly different result in texture, taste, and aroma. The Ultra Light VCO is more coconut-ty in flavor and lighter in texture and is best consumed raw. The Premium Culinary VCO is thicker in texture but lighter in taste, which is perfect for cooking as it doesn't alter the taste and aroma of food. The VCO's that I have bought previously have very strong coconut flavors and some people do not enjoy the coconut taste in the food when I cook with it. The ultra light VCO is easy to swallow raw in my opinion and it is my favorite because I sometimes gag when swallowing If you don't quite like the coconut aroma but wish to add more coconut oil in your diet, CocoNurture Premium Culinary VCO may be your answer. The other advantage of getting CocoNurture coconut oil is that you can get your coconut oil on your door immediately as they deliver fast and they offer free shipping for orders over $80. 

Aside from coconut oil, they also sell other organic coconut products such as coconut sugar, a natural sweetener with low GI index (GI 35), coconut nectar syrupcoconut flour (which is gluten-free), coconut cider vinegar, and coconut oil-infused skincare products, including baby oil and diaper rash oil. On its own, coconut oil is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, aids in healing of wounds, is moisturizing for our skin, and doesn't leave oily residue on our skin because it gets absorbed very quickly into our skin. When coconut oil meets the right essential oils, the nourishing and healing properties of the infusion is even greater. CocoNurture has in-house herbalists who specialize in essential oils and know the precise concentrations they need to make a particular blend. The essentials they use are gentle yet very effective for the purposes they serve. 

I particularly love their Eczema Flare Relief Oil, which I have been applying on rashes and eczema. It's very moisturizing, cooling, and soothes itchy and dry skin.

Insect bites on my daughter's leg

Coconurture's Natural Mosquito Repellent Oil has been a lifesaver when we go to the parks. My daughter has sensitive skin and one little insect bite will leave a mark on her skin for a long time. I'm pleased to know that it doesn't contain DEET, an active ingredient that is found in most commercial insect repellent. DEET has been linked to neurological problems as well as eye and skin irritants and I don't want it on my daughter's skin.

I have to say that this is one of the most effective insect repellent I have tried. I often bring my daughter down to the park and always come back with mosquito bites. Since I apply this oil, we are mostly mosquito bite-free! When I applied the oil thinly, we still come back with some bites, so I have been more generous in applying the oil and that has really prevented us from getting mosquito bites.

I've also been applying their Intense Scalp Treatment on my husband. I've been applying just VCO on his scalp, but having this coconut-oil infused mixture that is already blended with essential oils specifically to nourish the scalp is very helpful and convenient.

Best of all, the ones I have mentioned and reviewed here do not contain any toxic ingredients such as  parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petroleum, preservatives, and synthetic fragrances. And they come in handy spray bottles for ease of use.

Thanks to CocoNurture, some of you will get to try their awesome coconut oil products! Three winners will get a set of twin pack Ultra Light and Premium Culinary Virgin Coconut Oil (worth S$36.60) and another three winners will get a bottle of Eczema Flare Relief Oil and a bottle of Mosquito Repellent Oil each (worth S$33.60). 

To enter, simply:

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2. Comment on this post which Coconurture coconut oil productscyou'd like to win (coconut oils or the eczema/repellent oils) and leave your email address. If you are uncomfortable leaving your email publicly, send me a message through Pasture Living Facebook page.

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This giveaway will end on 18 July 2014 Singapore time and the winners will be announced through email. Open to Singapore residents only.

Good luck!

Disclaimer: Coconurture sponsored the above products for reviews, no compensation was received and all opinions are my own.


  1. Eczema/repellent oil please. Shared and tagged on fb

  2. I love to try eczema/repellent oils.

  3. My husband and 2 kids have eczema. Their skin is very sensitive. Every time when they got mosquito/ insect bites, their skin will turn reddish then the next day it will develop to big bumps. It would be great if I can win this eczema/ repellent oil. As mentioned it is natural and no toxic chemicals inside. I am very particular in terms of my family's health and well being.

  4. I would love to try the cooking oil! I love cooking and always provide homecook meals for my family especially for my 18mos boy. He loves eating and thus having and using a good cooking oil will be an added benefit.

  5. I want to win to coconut oil. I am not a fan of coconut oil and totally agree with Vicky regarding the taste of the food when you cook with a coconut oil. But, again quoting from her post again:" The Premium Culinary VCO is thicker in texture but lighter in taste, which is perfect for cooking as it doesn't alter the taste and aroma of food". This makes me want to try the coconut oil so badly. I am a mommy with a 2.5 years old son. I cook for him on daily basis even though I am working full time. Prepare a healthy and good food for my family is my priority.
    I really wish to win this and try out the coconut oil and hopefully to replace coconut oil with our regular cooking oil.
    Thank you again Pasture Living for sharing another great information :)

  6. Hi vicky, recently i have been baking a lot of desserts for family and friends. I found out a lot of healthier recipes love to use coconut oil to replace the butter and i would love to try out the premium culinary vco on my desserts. Thanks

  7. Will love to try the VCO cooking oil. All the while I am using Canola oil for cooking as I thought vegetable oil is healthier. Perhaps after this can try on coconut oil instead :D

  8. I wish to win the insect repellant for my nephew. I am so happy to know about this product via pasture living. My nephew too has a sensitive skin and easily bitten by insects whenever we go for the walk in the park and the bite marks are not easily go away. I hope to try this out and so my nephew can go to play more often without having my sister worry about the mosquitoes.
    My email is
    Thank u

  9. I would love to try the organic coconut cooking oil for my family members as I prepare the food for my 2 toddlers and husband everyday. I believe the goodness of VCO to our health ! Thanks for this great giveaway contest !

  10. Hi, I would like to receive the Eczema Flare Relief Oil for the giveaway. The reason is that I've been having rashes on my skin (especially behind my knees) since I was little. It gets worse when it was dry or sweaty. I've been trying multiple medicines available at the drug store and it still doesn't cured. I opt for the more natural one like this. My email:

  11. I would love to use the organic coconut oils! It's the only kind of oil I use in the kitchen, but for GF, DF baking purposes and homemade less-sweet treats I'm looking for a coconut oil that has less flavor. This would be perfect to try out! When eating and living organic, money is tight, so thank you for this giveaway! My email: singapore [dot] mommy [at] yahoo [dot] com