Tuesday, April 29, 2014

When Life Becomes Just A Fleeting Moment

I was in the ambulance accompanying a family member to the hospital the other day and I remembered the day when I suddenly fainted. Out of panic, my mom screamed for an ambulance in that bak kut teh shophouse and the world stopped to watch me in that horrifying state for once. When things like this happen, life becomes just a fleeting moment. If I didn't regain consciousness, I wouldn't have known what I left behind. I was out in a matter of seconds, just like that. So then what good would it do me if I chased after money, fame, power, or popularity? What good if I gained the whole world but loses my soul? I would have left it all behind. One would only remember the legacy that you left behind, not your material wealth. Our souls have been bought by Jesus when He died on the cross and He will open the door for those who seek Him (Matthew 7:7-8). And so while we are still alive, let's live without regret, finding our purpose and peace in Him alone who gives us joy and strength.

"Perfect peace I cannot gain on my own; unconditional love I cannot earn; and joy I cannot depend on my circumstances. However, I have all of these in perfect measure only because HE, the Risen one GAVE them freely as a gift to me. I can only find it in Him." - Joann Chang.

God loves you.

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