Monday, September 2, 2013

Refashion and Repurpose

The introduction of Emilie's Barne's book "More Hours in My Day" caught my eye. She tells the story of her mother (a seamstress) who raised her and her brother alone after her husband passed away. It started with her mother making her a beautiful dress for special occasions, then after the dress wasn't new anymore, it became an everyday dress, and then rows of fabrics were added to extend the life of the dress as she grew taller. When the dress was no longer suitable to wear as a dress, it became a top, when it was no longer acceptable as clothing, it was refashioned to become an apron, then it became soft cloths for dusting, and eventually it became rags to mop the floor. She would take out the buttons and used them to make other projects so that nothing was wasted. Every single part of this dress was used until it was no longer usable. 

I hope I will be able to do the same - to reuse, refashion, repurpose, resell, and donate things that I do not need or no longer fit. God created this world and it was good. Taking care of our environment by reducing waste is a part of being a good steward of this earth God has given us dominion on.

Recently I took a onesie that is still in an excellent condition but no longer suits Elin and refashioned it to become a top. Here it is:



I'm happy that I can extend the life of this onesie. In the future, I hope to add more fabrics or laces at the bottom when she grows taller, so she can continue to wear it.

Do share in the comments below what and how you've refashioned or repurposed something before?